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Batteries & Chargers

We are gradually turning our website into a catalogue of products we sell. However, with 25,000 lines this will take a while, so here is a flavour of this department until we get there!

Everyday Batteries

112556-Duracell-Plus-2-Pack-D-Size-BatteriesAt Masseys we have a great range of batteries including AAA, AA, C, D and the 9v square batteries




Coin Button Batteries

CR1632Again, a great range including A23, LR1, CR2, CR2032, 1620, 1632, 2025, 2032, 2450, 2430, 2016 and 2025 batteries.




Lawn Mower Batteries

Lawn-Mower-Battery-12V17ah-12V24ah-Dry-Charged-TypeWe do stock a great range of batteries for lawn mowers and for tractor mowers.




Some featured products from our Batteries & Chargers category