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Bosch Rotak 400 ER Electric Lawn Mower (Coming Jan 2020)

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The Bosch Rotak 400 ER has a powerful 1700 W motor which is the efficient Bosch Powerdrive motor. The heights of cut range between 20 – 70mm and is an ideal choice of lawn mower for lawns up to 600 M².

Bosch Rotak 400 ER Features

AGR Certified Handles – Effortless control, improved posture and reduced muscle strain whilst mowing.

High Performance – Powered by 1700 W, a Powerdrive + motor for excellent performance in long and wet grass.

Sharpened Steel Blades – 40 cm sharpened steel blades for precise cuts on lawns up to two courts in size

Integrated Rear Roller – For a striped finish and prevents your lawn from scalping.

Innovative Grass Combs – For optimized cutting to edges of walls, flower beds, and lawns.


Power source – 1700w
Torque – 22 Nm
Cutting system – Rotary Blade
Height of cut – 20 – 70 mm
Width of cut – 40 cm
Lawn area – 600 M²
Grass box capacity – 50 Litres
Cable length – 10 metres
Powerdrive motor – Yes
Weight – 12.6 Kg