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Decorating Tools

Paint Brushes

paint brushesMasseys have a great range paint brushes from small 1/2 ” to larger 5″ and 6″ brushes. We also carry brush sets and everything is at a range of price points – from the use once and discard through to professional paint brushes.




Paint Rollers

paint rollerPaint rollers including 9″ wide rollers and 4″ rollers for both emulsion and gloss paints.

White Spirit, Turps and Meths

white spiritIdeal for thinning paint, or cleaning brushes after using oil based paints. At Masseys we have a range of sizes of turps and white spirit – from 750ml to 4 litres

decorting tools



Everything Else

If it is a tool to help you with your decorating project then we should have it! From masking tape to scissors, from wall paper paste to pasting tables, from dust sheets to disposable overalls, we should have it at Masseys.