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Tractor Mowers

Tractor Mowers

Masseys are a Mountfield, Stiga, Husqvarna and Honda dealers meaning we have access to a fantastic range of garden tractor mowers. As a result we aim to pick the best value tractor mower for that price. Even if garden tractor you want is not in stock, it is not a problem to get it for you.

The picture is of our upstairs showroom which features a range of over 20 lawn tractors on show. Our coffee shop is also located on this floor.



Tractor Mowers that collect the grassMountfield Tractor Mower

Mountfield manufacture a comprehensive range of lawn tractors starting with the Mountfield 827M which is only 24 inches wide and is designed for gardens up to half an acre. The Mountfield have a broad range of tractor mowers that go up to the Mountfield 2248H 4WD which is a four wheel drive, 22hp, 48 inch cut tractor designed for areas up to 5 acres. Our prices of Mountfield tractors should be the same price as the Mountfield online price.

Husqvarna also offer a comprehensive range of tractors that collect the grass and the range starts with the Husqvarna CTH126, a 30 inch, 12hp machine and goes right up to the CTH 220 Twin which is a 42 inch, 22hp tractor mower.


Mountfield Collecting Tractors:  

  Size of cut Engine Transmission RRP Our Price
Collecting – Mountfield          
Mountfield   827M 66cm 196cc Manual £1,299 £1,199
Mountfield   827H 66cm 196cc Hydrostatic £1,499 £1,399
Mountfield   1430M 84cm 432cc Manual £1,799 £1,599
Mountfield   1430H 84cm 432cc Hydrostatic £1,999 £1,799
Mountfield   1436M 92cm 432cc Manual £1,999 £1,799
Mountfield   1636H 92cm 452cc Hydrostatic £2,099 £1,999
Mountfield   1640H 102cm 452cc Hydrostatic £2,499 £2,199
Mountfield   1840H Twin 102cm 656cc Hydrostatic £3,299 £2,999



Husqvarna Collecting Tractors:  

  Size of cut Engine RRP Our Price
Husqvarna LT154 (with bags) 92cm 597cc £1,999 £1,799
Husqvarna CTH126 77cm 344cc £2,200 £1,999
Husqvarna LT154H (with bags) 92cm 597cc £2,350 £2,150
Husqvarna CTH164 Twin 97cm 603cc £3,100 £2,799


Mulching Tractor Mowers

Stiga Tractor MowerPeople often misunderstand the concept of a mulching tractor mower and they have an image of their lawn looking untidy because the cut grass is left on top.  However, if cut regularly, and because the decks on the dedicated mulching machines are designed differently, this wouldn’t be the case. Please give us a call to explain further or to arrange a demo.

Our range of mulching lawn mowers includes the Stiga range. The Stiga Villa is the first in the range and has a 12hp engine and an 85cm deck. The Stiga range carries on through to the commercial Stiga Titan which is has a commercial 32hp diesel engine and a 135cm deck.

Husqvarna also produce a good range of dedicated mulching tractors from home owner use right the way through to professional use.


Mountfield Mulching Tractors:

  Size of cut Engine Transmission RRP Our Price
Mountfield 727M 66cm 196cc Manual £1,149 £999
Mountfield 727H 66cm 196cc Hydrostatic £1,249 £1,099
Mountfield 1538M SD 98cm 432cc Manual £1,699 £1,499
Mountfield 1538H SD 98cm 432cc Hydrostatic £1,899 £1,699




Stiga Mulching Tractors:

  Size of cut Engine RRP Our Price
Stiga Villa 320 HST 78cm 414cc £2,275 £1,999
Stiga Villa 520 HST 85cm 344cc £2,655 £2,299
Stiga Villa 14 HST 95cm 344cc £2,780 £2,549
Stiga Park Plus 100cm 500cc £4,059 £3,649
Stiga Park Residence 4WD 110cm 500cc £6,030 £5,500
Stiga Park Royal 4WD 110cm 530cc £6,615 £5,999
Stiga Park Pro 21 4WD 125cm 627cc




Husqvarna Mulching Tractors:

  Size of cut Engine RRP Our Price
Husqvarna   LT154 with mulch plate 92cm 597cc £1,700 £1,549
Husqvarna LTH154 with mulch plate 92cm 597cc £2,050 £1,849
Husqvarna R216 103cm 500cc £4,100 £3,700
Husqvarna R316T Twin 112cm 603cc £5,600 £4,999
Husqvarna R418T Twin AWD 112cm 603cc £7,850 £6,999




Tractor Mower AccessoriesMountfield Cart

Garden tractors are now not only a tool for cutting the grass. We keep in stock a range of trailers, spreaders, scarifiers and covers for tractor mowers. These are perfect for scarifying the lawn, spreading lawn feed and weed (or rock salt in the winter) and trailers for carrying garden waste.

  Our Price
Painted Cart £210
Galvanised Cart £475
Combi Cart £274
Rear Rake £139
Roller £299