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Hozelock Watering

Hozelock watering at Masseys

As you can see from our display – we have a great range of garden watering in store

Hozelock Hosepipes, Reel & Carts

Hozelock Hosepipe CartIn store we have a great range of Hozelock hosepipes, reels, carts and Hozelock accessories. Hozelock are the current brand leader in the hosepipe market and they are constantly updating and developing new products. We keep a comprehensive range of Hozelock accessories that are in stock all year round. The Hozelock accessories include the car cleaning brushes, the lawn sprinklers and the hosepipe connectors.



Sprayers & Knapsack Sprayers

Hozelock Hosepipe SprayerMany people use the sprayers and knapsack sprayers for spraying chemicals in their garden. This can include weedkillers and other chemicals used to kill bugs. We keep a good range of Hozelock sprayers in stock including the large knapsack sprayer.




Sankey WaterbuttAs the cost of water continues to rise, many people are opting to store their rain water in waterbutts and then use this to water their gardens. We keep in stock a range of waterbutts that range in size and shape. We also keep the waterbutt accessories that include the waterbutt taps, the connector kits and the stands.




Garden Irrigation Systems

Claber Automatic Watering SystemIn stock is the Claber garden irrigation system.  The garden irrigation system will allow you to automatically water your plant at a set time(s) of the day without the need for a hosepipe or watering can.  You are able to buy the automatic watering system as a complete unit or the individual parts which will allow you to customise it to suit you.