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Light Bulbs

We are gradually turning our website into a catalogue of products we sell. However, with 25,000 lines this will take a while, so here is a flavour of this department until we get there!

Standard Light Bulbs

Light bulbStandard light bulbs from 40w to 150w and both bayonet and screw fittings.





Energy Saving Light Bulbs

energy saving light bulbA great range of energy saving light bulbs in bayonet fitting, small bayonet fitting, screw and small fitting.

BC, SBC, ES and SES sizes.




MR16 and GU10 Bulbs

gu10Both MR 16 and GU 10 light bulbs or spot light bulbs kept in store





Oven Bulbs and Fridge Bulbs

oven lampOven bulbs and fridge bulbs in store.






LED Light Bulbs

led light bulbThe next generation of low energy light bulbs





Everything Else

spot lightWe have hundreds of light bulb variations in store. If it isn’t mentioned here, there is still a good chance we will have it!




Featured products from our Light Bulbs category