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Nuts, Bolts & Threaded Bar

Hex Bolts

Hex-BoltbWe have a great range of bolts from M3 thread to M16 thread – sold loose or per box.




Coach Bolts

coach boltCoach bolts from M6 to M12 thread – sold loose, or per box.



Coach Screws

coach_screw_zincCoach Screws – from M6 to M12 – sold loose or per box.




Roofing Bolt

Sold roofign boltloose or per box




Gutter Bolts

Gutter Bolt 2Sold loose or per box



Through Bolts

through-boltSold loose or per box





RAW44505M6 to M20 thread. Sold loose or per box.




Sleeve Anchor

sleveanchor_LSold loose or per box




Eye Bolts

ZFX0159Sold loose or per box.




Frame Fixing

M4 to M12 thread. Sold loose or per box.FORFF860




Concrete Screws

downloadSold individually or per box.




Threaded Bar

download (1)M4 to M16 thread sold in 1 metre lengths.





washerM4 to M16 washers – plain washers and mud guard washers.

Also a great range of spring washers.




nutM4 to M16 nuts as well as nyloc nuts and wing nuts.