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squire-lp9-2-5-leopard-brass-long-shackle-padlock-40mm-1_7In store you will find a fantastic range of padlocks from brass padlocks through to the highest security padlocks.[





Keyed Alike Padlocks

24bb73e90bad5ec1fa48ad9db059743fLooking for more than one padlock with the same key? Well we have a range of keyed alike padlocks – so you will use the same key for all of the padlocks.





Combination Padlocks

padlocks_combination_padlocks_squire_cp40_combination_padlock_5Don’t want the hassle of a key with your padlocks? Well not to worry, we have a great range of combination padlocks in store.





Security Cables

henry-squire-12c-security-cable-with-looped-ends-1800mm-x-12mmThe big advantage of cable locks is they are highly flexible and easy to carry. Purpose designed for bicycles, Squire multi-strand cable locks come in many lengths and diameters so you can easily lock your bike to a fixed object.