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Barbecues at Masseys

Nothing beats the smell of a barbecue, right? Barbecues are great for parties and gatherings, especially as gas barbecues aren’t restricted to use only on sunny days. You can use barbecues to roast chicken, chargrill vegetables, and even make brisket if you have the time.

At Masseys DIY, we are proud to be an official stockist of barbecues by Weber; a premium brand recognised instantly for their top-quality barbecues. We also sell products by Cadac, who are a well-known brand in the camping and caravan market.

We offer a wide selection of barbecues, so whether you’re after a compact and portable barbecue for a small garden, or a large all-singing barbecue for a party, Masseys have got you covered. Choose from charcoal or gas-fired barbecues, and a range of cooking accessories to go with them.

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Choosing the right barbecue for you is completely down to personal preference. Take a look at the differences below:

Charcoal barbecues

The more traditional approach to barbecuing, charcoal grills are a favourite amongst those who like to do it all themselves. If part of the fun is lighting the coals and maintaining the right amount of heat through cooking, then a charcoal barbecue is the one for you. Coal-fired barbecues provide that distinct barbecue taste, but they are messier and less easy to control than a gas barbecue.

Charcoal barbecues are cheaper to buy, but cost more to run over time.

Gas barbecues

Gas barbecues provide convenience, allowing the chef to alter the temperature of the flame with a simple dial or button. Gas barbecues are also less messy, with no need to remove the leftover ash from your grill after use.

Gas cooking is also better for your health and the environment than charcoal alternatives. However, your food won’t take on that same great smoky flavour that it would from charcoal cooking.

Gas barbecues cost more initially, but are cheaper to use over time.

Barbecue accessories

From essentials like coal and gas, to useful utensils like thermometers and tongs, we stock everything you’ll ever need for your barbecue. At Masseys, we sell a selection of cooking implements to make the most out of your grill, including pizza stones, searing grates, and griddle pans.

Come to our Swadlincote showroom, where you can see and handle your barbecue before you buy it. Our trusted team of experts can talk you through your purchase and find the best options for you.

To find out more about our outdoor products and services, call us on 01283 217133 or email us at, and we’ll be more than happy to help.