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Barbecues at MasseysIf you prefer the traditional BBQ experience then why not look at our charcoal BBQs. However, if you prefer the instant, more contemporary way of cooking then gas BBQs may be the answer.

Barbecues can be used for so much more than burgers. Weber barbecues have barbecue recipes for roast chicken and stuffed mushrooms all cooked on Weber barbecues.

We have a great range of both charcoal and gas barbecues as well as a great range of accessories to go with them.

See our great range in store and on display throughout the year.

Most of us have a hedge to add privacy and security to our property so a hedge trimmer is an essential piece of kit to keep them under control. Hedge cutters are available in different powered options, electrical models are powered by a mains cable so suitable for use where a power socket is reachable. Petrol models can be used anywhere and there is no cord to accidently cut through. These models tend to be heavier and noisier. Cordless models give you the freedom of a petrol one but are quieter and lighter. Due to the running time of the battery, these are best suited to smaller projects, or if you purchase a seperate battery, this will give you extra running time.

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