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Electric Chainsaws

There are a number of advantages to owning an electric chainsaws. The first is that there is no effort required in starting as there can sometimes be from a petrol chainsaw. The second advantage is that there are no emissions as well as being much quieter than their petrol equivalents.

At Masseys we can assemble your chainsaw and show you how to operate it before you leave the store.

Bosch Electric Chainsaws

There are a great range of Bosch electric chainsaws which feature quick chain speeds, an inertia chain brake and powerful electric motors.

Stihl Electric Chainsaws

As you would expect from a premium brand, Stihl electric chainsaws are considered some of the best. They have fast chain speeds, high quality electric motors and all safety features you would expect.

Thinking outside of the box, battery technology has evolved so much in the last few years. We now have a range of cordless chainsaws that will rival even petrol options. Have a look at the Stihl MSA120 CB and MSA140 CB for domestic use, or even the Stihl MSA 200 for professional use.

At Masseys we offer:

  • In store help and advice
  • Being able to handle the machine in our showroom 7 days a week
  • The machine will be assembled and PDI’d by our trained staff
  • Workshop and warranty backup.

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