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Dulux Paint

Dulux Paint at Masseys

Massey’s DIY are proud to stock a wide range of Dulux paint. Whatever colour and finish of paint you’re looking for, we’ve got them all. Come to our Swadlincote store to use our Dulux mixing machine and make your very own tailor-made colour. We also have a scanning service so we can colour match the specific tones you’re looking for.

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Picking your paint


  • Undercoat: Undercoat paints are necessary for metal and wood unless using an eggshell or satinwood finish. Whether you’re painting a wall for the first or hundredth time, using an undercoat creates a smoother finish for your top-layer paint.
  • Matt: Matt is a thick and creamy emulsion, ideal for walls and ceilings looking for a modern, flat finish.
  • Silk: Silk is an ideal finish for rooms that require regular wiping, but may show up the bumps in your walls a bit more. Silk creates a higher sheen on walls than matt emulsion, which is useful for reflecting light and making a room look bigger.
  • Gloss: Gloss is the usual paint used for bringing an attractive high sheen finish to woodwork and doors.
  • Eggshell: Similar to matt, Dulux Eggshell is a low-sheen paint. Eggshell is a wipeable finish suitable for use on interior wood and metal such as doors and radiators, and is conveniently self-undercoating.
  • Satinwood: Satinwood is a specially formulated paint that boasts a subtle mid-sheen alternative to gloss. Satinwood is a durable interior paint that does not require an undercoat.

Paint properties

    • Weathershield: Available in a choice of finishes, Dulux Weathershield provides a guaranteed six years of weather protection. This weatherproof paint is mould resistant, minimising staining and resisting cracking with a flexible film.
    • Easycare: Using stain-repellent technology, Easycare paint is available in Bathroom, Kitchen, and Washable & Tough variations, and is 20x as tough as standard Dulux paint. Liquids turn to beads on Easycare paint, making it perfect for rooms that regularly require wiping.
    • Quick Dry: Does what it says on the tin! This paint also boasts a low odour formulation, making it both convenient and pleasant to use. Available in a choice of finishes.
    • Once: Once paint, of course, requires one coat to achieve that perfect finish. It also does not require an undercoat, making Once paint an ideal solution for anyone needing to decorate quickly.
      Specialist: We also sell a range of Dulux paints for specific uses, such as for feature walls, for brightening up smaller spaces, and for cupboard and tile painting.

Massey’s DIY sell colour. Our experts can show you up-to-date colour trends and talk you through our fantastic range. Come to our Derbyshire showroom and find your perfect colour.

To find out more about our Dulux products and services, call us on 01283 217133 or email us at