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Einhell Power Tools

Einhell tools are renowned in the industry for their excellent, hard-wearing German design. Here at Masseys we stock a large range of Einhell products for the home user and the tradesperson, including saws, sanders, drills, angle grinders and more.

The Masseys DIY experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Einhell’s range of power tools. Simply get in touch or come and visit us at our store in Swadlincote.

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Einhell tools

Einhell was founded in the 1960s in Germany by Hans Einhell. Starting out as a small installation business, since then the company has continuously expanded, always developing new products and exciting products.

Einhell produce power tools for any DIY task you can think of. Whether you’re creating something new, renovating or repairing, you will be able to find a quality, versatile tool within the Einhell range.


Einhell have various different sanders on offer to suit different needs and tasks: a cordless sander, two models of orbital sander, and a belt sander with adjustable belt position. As well as offering superior sanding, Einhell sanders are also designed with usage in mind, with features such as ergonomic softgrip moulded to comfortably fit the hand.


Einhell saws offer fantastic precision and a powerful, clean cut. Here at Masseys we have a broad range of Einhell saws available. As well as several different circular saws, we also have two different table saws available (one with a carbide tipped blade), as well as mitre saws, an all-purpose saw and a cordless saw for freedom of movement.


Grinders are essential tools for grinding, sanding and polishing metal and other resistant materials. As well as several different angle grinders, the Einhell range also includes a bench grinder that is ideal for smaller repair, resharpening and cutting jobs, with rubber bumpers and adjustable spark reflectors.


A key part of the Einhell tools range, you will find various different models of handheld drill here at Masseys. Einhell’s Power-X Change family of drills offer cordless drills with an advanced battery system that allows you to carry out projects without being hampered by cords and power outages.

Batteries and chargers

The Power X-Change batteries used by many of Einhell’s products can also be purchased from us separately. These quality lithium ion battery cells have virtually no self discharge and boast intelligent charging management system for exceptional battery life. They come with a separate charger, which has 3-step LED battery control to indicate the battery’s level of charge. Available in a 2.0Ah and 3.0Ah version.

Ask the experts

The team at Masseys have a wealth of experience in power tools and with the Einhell brand. Come down to our store today to pick our brains on the different Einhell tools, browse our fantastic range and maybe even have a coffee in our in-store cafe! You can also call us on 01283217133 or send an email to to find out more.