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Garden Tools

We have a huge range of gardening tools available at Massey’s DIY which extends well beyond our website stock. Come down to our store in Swadlincote, Derbyshire to see our comprehensive catalogue of products and handle them before you buy.

Garden Tools

Gardening at Masseys

We sell tools that can help you with every stage of your gardening; from initial planning and planting through to shaping and controlling your fast growing paradise. With equipment from premium brands like Wilkinson Sword, Silky, and Wolf Garten, each of our gardening tools is guaranteed high-quality.

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Forks, spades and rakes

Garden forks come in a range of sizes, and tine designs and numbers, depending on what you need them for. Whether you’re looking to dig or shovel with your fork, we have tools suitable for you, regardless of your soil type. We also sell hand forks for dealing with smaller loads.

Spades are used to dig, break up, and loosen ground, making them an important implement in any gardener’s shed. Square point heads are ideal for gardening, as they make it easier to cut, dig, and lift sod. Narrower heads are more suited to more difficult areas such as drains and trenches.

If you have a lawn in your garden, a rake is an essential part of your gardening kit. Removing leaves from your lawn helps it to remain healthy and look neat.

We also have a range of hoes in store. Hoes are used to dislodge weeds and shape soil. Triangular hoes are best for dealing with difficult weeds in narrow spaces, whereas flat hoes are good for general use or if you aren’t used to a more specialised design.

Shears and secateurs

Massey’s stock a wide variety of tools suitable for all pruning chores, from flower management to hedge trimming.

Secateurs are a necessity for every keen gardener. Secateurs act like scissors, where the bigger blade bypasses the smaller blade. Pruners have one blade which acts more like a knife on a chopping board. Both are useful for pruning trees and flowers, cutting back brambles, and generally making your garden neater.

Loppers are like secateurs with long handles, ideal for pruning high up or far away twigs and smaller branches. Hedge shears are perfect for shaping and styling your foliage, or just keeping everything nice and trim.

Hand saws

We have a range of handy pocket-sized saws with non-slip grips and extremely smooth cutting action. We sell a choice of heavy-duty hand saws with varying teeth size, blade lengths and blade designs to suit your garden’s needs.

If you would like to learn more about our range of gardening tools, you can either give us a call on 01283 217133, email us at, or come into our showroom and speak to a member of our expert team.