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Hozelock Hose Pipes & Accessories

Here is our in store display at Masseys. We have a HUGE selection of Hozelock ready to take away with you.

Hozelock at Masseys

Hozelock at Masseys

Here is just a flavour of what you will find in store…

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Hozelock Accessories

Hozelock Accessories

We have a great range of Hozelock accessories including tap connectors, the Hozelock ends for the end of your hose pipe, the tap connector for the Hozelock reels and much more

Hose Pipes

At Masseys you will find a range of Hozelock hose pipes from 15 metre starter sets through to 50 metre professional hose pipe. Most common lenngths are 30m and 50m.

Hozelock Hose ReelHose Reels

You can buy a Hozelock hose reel with or without a hosepipe attached. We have a great range of Hozelock hose reels including their new professional range

Auto Reels

The Hozelock Auto Reel is so popular. It is an encased hose pipe which will easily wind and unwind as you need.

Hozelock SprayerSprayers

Finally we have a range of sprayers used for products like weedkiller and other liquids that need to be sprayed.