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Honda Lawn Mowers

Honda lawn mowers at Masseys in Swadlincote. In 1978 the first Honda lawn mower was made with a 4-stroke engine and now they are a brand leader with a model for every garden.Honda Lawn Mowers

At Masseys we stock the Honda Izy lawn mower range as well as the core range of Honda lawn mowers. The range of Honda Izy lawn mowers include the HRG 416 PK and SK and the Honda HRG 466 PK and SK. The core Honda lawn mowers include the HRX 426 SX and QX, the Honda HRX 476 VY and QX and the Honda HRD536 QX. Masseys in Swadlincote, Derby are open 7 days a week.

Honda Izy Lawn Mower

The Honda Izy lawn mower range is a range of steel body machines with Honda engines on top. Well priced and very popular.

Honda Core Lawn Mowers

The Honda Core lawn mowers are the premium lawn mowers with polystrong or aluminum decks.

Masseys - Honda authorised dealersAt Masseys we offer:

  • In store help and advice
  • Being able to handle the machine in our showroom
  • The machine can be assembled and PDI’d by our trained staff
  • Workshop and warranty backup.

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