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Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic lawn mowers including the Stihl iMow and the Husqvarna Automower.

Robotic Lawn Mowers - Husqvarna Automower

High or low, night or day, rain or shine

A random travelling pattern lets the Husqvarna Automower find every corner of your garden. It can easily handle wet and rainy conditions, as well as difficult terrain, including slopes, holes and even temporary obstacles like pine cones and fruits. The Husqvarna Automower is so quiet that it can work in the night without disturbing anyone. Through the mower app, available for selected models, you’ll also have total control of its working hours, so you can have the lawn to yourself whenever you like.

Do you want the perfect lawn? The Stihl iMow robot lawn mower enables you to achieve this with great ease. No longer will you spend hours in the garden pushing a lawn mower around. Once programmed, iMow robot lawn mower will mow the lawn automatically, avoiding obstacles and mastering hilly terrain. Once the work is done or the batteries need charging, the mower will automatically return to the docking station. And because iMow works so fast, you can enjoy your lawn unhindered. There are various models of the iMow robot mower available. Each model is suitable for different needs, with different factors such as battery life, ideal lawn area and maximum lawn area affecting which mower is the right one. Whether your lawn is 300m² or 4000m², we have the robot mower for you.

Masseys offer a full installation service, and to give you an idea of what we do, then please click on how to install a robotic lawn mower.

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At Masseys we have been installing both Husqvarna Automowers and Stihl robotic lawn mowers for a few years. So what does it entail?

Firstly, we come to site to survey the lawn to see if a robotic lawn mower will work and to plan the laying of the boundary wire. We also want to ensure that people fully understand what the robitc lawn mowers can and can’t do. To minimise the risk of having your machine get stuck or damaged, the grass has to be cleared of all rocks, twigs, tools, toys and similar obstacles. Also, if the grass is longer than ten centimetres you are recommended to cut it with a regular lawn mower before installation.

Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower1. We place the charging station

We place the charging station on flat ground in the middle of the cutting area with some free space around it. We want to make sure the station is free from sunlight, out of reach of sprinklers and close to a power outlet.


2. Charge the battery

Once the charging station is in place, it’s time to charge the robotic mower. Charging an empty battery takes 80-100 minutes.

Cable Layer Machine3. Lay the boundary wire

The boundary wire is put along the edges of the lawn to define the cutting area. Masseys use a special machine called a cable layer that lays the cable around 2-4 cm under the turf. However, the boundary wire can also be ‘pegged’ on top of the grass. We create islands around borders and other obstacles to create a clear boundary in which the robotic lawn mower can work.

4. Lay the guide wire

Husqvarna have a system call the ‘guide wire’. The purpose of the guide wire is to lead the Husqvarna Automower® back to the charging station when needed. Stihl robotic lawn mowers use the perimetre wire to find its way back to the charging station.

Robotic Lawn Mowers5. Relax

Once we have installed either the Husqvarna Automower or the Stihl iMow robitc lawn mower, we program a mowing schedule to suit you. The lawn mower will recommend an amount of time it needs in the week to cope with your lawn. We can set it to mow at any time of the day, in any days of the week etc. What we try to do it get the robotic lawn mowers out during the week and then take the weekend off. This is usually when people are using their gardens for pleasure.
Some smaller robotic lawn mowers include the Stihl RMI 422p Robotic Mower and the Husqvarna Automower 310.
Larger models include the Husqvarna 450X Automower and the Stihl RMI 632 P Robotic Lawn Mower.


Stihl iMow Robotic Lawn Mower
Husqvarna Automowers

Which Husqvarna Automower should I buy?

Let us first start by saying there are Husqvarna Automowers that are designed for small gardens, right up to Automowers capable of cutting around 1.25 acres. Small gardens we would recommend the Automower 310. If you are looking for full control of your Husqvarna Automower from your phone then you need to look at the X models like the Husqvarna 315X Automower.

If you have any questions about the Automowers then please pop in to store and we can answer these for you. We have installed many, many Automowers in all different types of garden, so should be able to answer any questions you may have.

Husqvarna Automower

Husqvarna have a few other questions to consider:

What’s the size of your lawn?

When looking for an Automower you should pick one that can handle the size of your lawn. But remember that cutting capability is generally based on a flat and open lawn, so if your lawn is undulating or there are bushes, it’s better to choose a mower with a greater capacity. This is also important if you don’t want it to cut during the night.

Does your garden have steep banks?

If you have a lawn with steep banks you should pick a mower fit for the job, with good traction and power. Robotic mowers work even when it rains, so pick one with wheels that have a good grip. Husqvarna’s most powerful domestic version is the Automower® 450X, which handles slopes with up to 45% inclination.

Is your garden complex?

If your garden has intricate passages and different sections you have to ensure that your mower is capable of handling a complex garden. A tip is to select a mower with guide wires; they are an easy way to make sure that the cutter can handle the narrowest passages. Don’t forget that Masseys offer an install service.

Security system

Make sure that your robotic mower is equipped with a pin code lock, alarm and preferably also a GPS-tracker. If you report your stolen to us, Masseys should be able to blacklist your mower, making future servicing impossible.

Is the display easy to understand?

Most people don’t think about it when selecting a robotic mower, but it’s a good idea to check how the system actually works. Check the manual and have a look at the display to see if it is clear, intuitive and easy to navigate. Remember that even if most settings are done when installing your mower, timer settings and cutting length often change over a season.

Safety first!

Pets and children should not be allowed to be in the same area as the mower, but of course this can happen. You should therefore consider a mower with a cutting disc with retractable blades. Since the mower cuts each day it only cuts a little bit and if a paw or foot gets under the mower, it will not result in a serious injury.

Is there a workshop close by?

When selecting a robotic mower you should also consider how easily available a workshop is. Masseys can help you with repairs, servicing, software updates and winter storage.

Things to consider before you buy:

  • Tracks and size of the wheels affects how easily it can get up steep banks
  • Is it easy to use and service? It’s annoying if you have to call for service just because the system is hard to understand
  • Get a bigger machine if you have a lot of banks and a complex garden