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Stihl Leaf Blowers & Leaf Vacuums

Leaf blowers are a surprisingly versatile piece of equipment. They are a must-have in any garden, especially during colder months, to ensure your outdoor space stays clean, safe, and tidy.

Leaf blowers don’t just blow leaves from one space to another – they can remove snow from your car, clear your roof and gutters, and some can also vacuum them into a bag attachment for removal.

Massey’s DIY stock a selection of leaf blowers by Stihl, including standard petrol, electric, and battery-operated blowers as well as backpack leaf blowers. Visit our Swadlincote showroom to view our full collection.

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Leaf blowers reduce the stress on your arms and back over using a broom or a rake. Leaf blowers can also reach easier into nooks and crannies that brooms and rakes struggle to get into. Read below to help you decide which type of leaf blower is right for you:

Petrol Blowers

These machines are ergonomically weighted and equipped with an anti-vibration system to ensure comfort when moving them around. Many of the Stihl petrol leaf blowers come with reduced-emission engine technology, which helps to reduce the amount of fuel lost during the charge cycle and significantly reduces exhaust emissions.

Petrol leaf blowers are especially useful in larger spaces due to their powerful engines, but are also the noisiest type of leaf blower, so make sure to use ear defenders where necessary.

Electric Blowers

Electric blowers typically offer less power than petrol models, but are compensated by their lighter weight and quieter motors. They are low in maintenance costs and are generally cheaper than petrol alternatives.

These leaf blowers generate greater power for fast work, providing better mulching at a reduced level.

Electric-powered leaf blowers are the best option for those who are eco-conscious or don’t want to have to top up the tank, but bear in mind that you will need a plug socket nearby for electric models.

Cordless Blowers

Cordless, battery-operated leaf blowers are ideal if you need to clear a large area, but don’t want the fumes of a petrol leaf blower. Providing as much power as petrol and with the ease of using an electric model, many gardeners are making the switch to cordless. Stihl’s integrated Li-ion batteries are reliable and hold their charge well.

About Stihl

Stihl is recognised for its revolutionary technology and innovative ideas. For over ninety years, the brand has been known for its high-quality products and impeccable service. Especially well-known for their chainsaws, Stihl’s other garden tools feature equally excellent design and state-of-the-art engineering to their signature products.

Stihl equipment is perfect for commercial and domestic use alike, bringing professional products right to your front door.

Visit the Massey’s DIY showroom, where we can assemble any of the listed leaf blowers for you to look at and get to grips with before purchasing. We also stock a range of leaf blower accessories to help you along. If you need any further information on our range of Stihl leaf blowers, call us on 01283 217133.