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Bosch AKE 40 Chainsaw

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The Bosch AKE 40 chainsaw is ideal for home owner use – chopping fire wood or small tree pruning.

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The Bosch AKE 40 chainsaw has the largest bar length of all the Bosch chainsaws. It is ideal for home owner use – chopping fire wood or small tree pruning. At Masseys we can assemble your chainsaw and show you how to use it before you leave the store.

The Bosch AKE 40 has a powerful 1,800 w motor and the chainsaw has a bar length of 40 cm. There is another Bosch chainsaw that has a similar name to this – the Bosch AKE 40-19 S – so what’s the difference? Well the main difference is that model shown here has a traditional chain adjustment in which a spanner and screwdriver are required to tighten the chain. The AKE 40-19 S has tool less chain tensioning.

The chainsaw has a rapid-reaction kick-back brake (Quick Stop) for safety as well as steel tines for a firm and secure grip in to the wood. The ergonomic handle is great for both sawing and felling. Please always use gloves and goggles when using a chainsaw.


Bosch AKE 40 ChainsawBosch AKE 40 chainsaw specification

Motor capacity 1,800 W
Blade length 40 cm
Chain speed 9 m/s
Drive link thickness 1,1 mm
Chain Chrome chain
Weight (including chain and bar) 4,1 kg