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Bosch Easy Cut 50 Jigsaw

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Bosch Easy Cut 50 Jigsaw.

Bosch Easy Cut 50 Jigsaw features

  • The NanoBlade technology now makes it easy to perform vibration-free, precise and 100{d09b12be51a7a6a48787a7bc3312473190ccc1fdbfe07795db7f7cb91fdca1cd} right-angled cuts
  • Safe and easy plunge cuts in one step – without having to pre-drill
  • EasyCut 50 enables even inexperienced DIYers to saw easily and effortlessly
  • Easy, safe and quick saw blade change by simply opening the hatch, changing the saw blade and closing the hatch
  • The new sawing technology is absolutely maintenance-free, requiring no oiling or sharpening of the saw blade
  • Optimal view of the cutting line with CutControl
  • Bosch Electronic for gearing the tool towards the material. Especially suitable for applications such as sawing acrylic glass
  • Dust extraction and dust blowing function for a good view of the cutting line and a clean work environment



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