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Bosch Easy Heat 500 Heat Gun


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Bosch Easy Heat 500 Heat Gun – This compact-sized heat gun allows for confident handling. The EasyHeat 500 has a lightweight, compact design and a comfortable grip zone for easy and ergonomic work. The simple user interface has two temperature-setting icons to easily choose the correct mode depending on the application. Additionally, it also offers a rubberised, slip-resistant back for standing the tool to provide added stability. The heat gun can tackle many tasks with a variety of nozzles, such as removing paint, thawing water pipes, killing weeds, shrinking cables, and for creative projects.

Easy-to-use heat gun allows for confident handling
  • Lightweight compact design and small size for easy and confident handling
  • Equipped with a comfortable grip zone for good control
  • Two self-explanatory icons clearly display the two easy-to-use settings
  • Back of gun has a slip-resistant rubberised surface for standing
  • Variety of task-specific nozzles are perfectly designed for each application

If you like it easy.

Offers intuitive use and confident task completion

Ideal for starting a grilling fire
Easily removing paint from wooden materials
Completing unique and beautiful creative projects


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