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Campingaz TH2000 Blow Torch


Campingaz TH2000 Blow Torch

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  • Blowlamp with 170gm butane⁄propane gas cartridge. High quality brass burner and comfortable handle.
  • Gas consumption 175gm⁄hour.
  • Flame temperature 1750 C.
  • Runtime 1 hour on 1750 Campingaz cartridge.
  • Brass burner, gas cartridge, polypropylene handle.
  • Brass, polypropylene, steel cartridge, polypropylene handle.
  • EN417 threaded cartridges.
  • Comfortable polypropylene handle.
  • 231gm excluding cartridge.
  • 170gm Butane⁄propane gas cartridge.
  • Controllable gas flow knob.
  • Usage: Suitable for plumbing and lighting barbecues.