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Contractor Galvanised 85L Wheelbarrow – Puncture Proof Tyre (Made in UK)


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Contractor Galvanised 85L Wheelbarrow – Puncture Proof Tyre. Whether you are using it on a construction site, in the garden, DIY or agriculture a contractors wheelbarrow is designed to suit many purposes. Designed and manufactured from high strength steel with a pneumatic tyre, the contractors wheelbarrow boasts robust properties to handle heavy loads with ease of movement. A contractors wheelbarrow can be used to transport many materials such as mortar, bricks, blocks, rubble, soil and many more saving you time on your project.

Key features

  • Strong and robust
  • Tubular frame work
  • Grip handles
  • 85L capacity
  • Easy to handle
  • Glavanised
  • Puncture Free Tyre


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