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Einhell Battery and Charger 2.0Ah


Einhell battery and charger

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  • 7-in-1 Accu ABS: Active Battery Management System
  • 3-step LED battery control
  • Constant control and supervision of temperature,tension etc.
  • Long life because of repair mode by deeply discharged battery
  • Quality Li-Ion battery cells provide nearly no self-discharge
  • Charging anytime
  • Rubber-coated housing makes sure high impact protection and grip
  • Shaped recessed grips provide an ergonomic withdrawal of the accu
  • Features charger:
  • 6-steps charging condition display
  • Ready for wall-fastening
  • Intelligent Charging-Management-System for long battery life
  • Battery status will be constantly checked and accordant loaded
  • Soft-charging / repair mode for deeply discharged batteries