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Honda FJ500 SER Tiller (163cc 4-Stroke)

£938.00 £799.00

  • 900 mm tilling width
  • 325 mm tilling depth
  • 4-stroke OHV GX160 5.5hp engine
  • 1 forward and 1 reverse speed
  • Ideal for the home-owner and professional use
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The new Honda FJ500 SER tiller has a powerful Honda GX160 – 5.5 hp OHV engine and it has a working width of 900 mm for efficient work on large plots and a max tilling depth of 300mm. The tiller has 1 forward and 1 reverse gear for easy manouevrability.


Deadman’s handle for added safety A Y-shaped loop handle is supplied adjust to your height for maximum comfort during operation.


Honda FJ500 SER Tiller Features

Engine:4 Stroke OHV GX160
Engine displacement (cc):160
Engine net torque Nm/rpm:10.3/2,500
Fuel tank capacity:2.4 litres
Engine oil capacity:0.58 Litres
Drive clutch:Manual belt tension
Transmission:Constant mesh
Final transmission:chain
Max tilling width:900mm
Max tilling depth:300mm
Forward speeds:1
Reverse speeds:1
Optional attachments available


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