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Mantis Electric Tiller (Out of stock)

£499.00 £449.00

The Mantis Electric Tiller is ideal for the people that don’t want a petrol engine, yet still want a powerful tiller for the garden or allotment.

Masseys will assemble your Mantis Electric Tiller for an additional £15.00


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The Mantis electric tiller is ideal for the person that doesn’t want to have to deal with starting a petrol engine. It is 9 inches wide, is quiet and powerful making it perfect for smaller gardens and vegetable patches.

The electric tiller is lightweight (9.5kg) with a handle and 3 speeds to suit your gardening project. The 540 watt motor spins the tines at up to 240 RPM, delivering approximately 3/4 hp to the tines. It has a 230 volt double-insulated electric motor and a built-in circuit breaker protects motor from overload.

Features of the Mantis electric tiller

The tilling depth of the Mantis electric tiller is 10″ or reverse the tines to shallow cultivate the top 2″-3″ of soil

Mantis have patented, reversible serpentine tines: A design that digs deep into any soil, even hard clay, and won”t bounce like other mini-tillers.
Fold down handles and a lifetime guarantee against broken tines

Comes complete with a kick stand worth £21.00
The Mantis Electric Tiller/Cultivator is backed by a FIVE-YEAR warranty, plus a lifetime warranty on the tines against breakage.