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Mountfield 1538H Lawn Tractor (Up to 2 Acres)

£2,399.00 £2,299.00

The Mountfield 1538H Lawn Tractor is new for 2016 and has a 452cc engine, grass collection and a large 38 inch / 98 cm deck.

Fuel additives

Masseys always recommend using a fuel additive to petrol or using Aspen fuel. Modern day petrol can be unstable and deteriorate quickly. Either of these methods can improve the quality of the fuel improving performance and helping protect against unwanted issues.

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The Mountfield 1538H Lawn Tractor is new for 2016. It has a powerful Mountfield 7750 series engine that is equivalent to approximately 15hp – 452cc. It has a large 38 inch / 98 cm cutting deck with twin blades and 7 heights of cut ranging between 25 mm – 80 mm. The deck also has two anti-scalp wheels fitted to the front. The H in the name means this is the hydrostatic gearbox – the harder your press the pedal, the faster you will go. It does also come with a reverse pedal.

The Mountfield 1538H Lawn Tractor has a large 240 litre grass box and can be emptied from the driving seat using a simple lever. The blades are engaged by a switch on the dashboard and the blades are un-timed blades to allow the tractor to mow over rougher ground without any overlap.

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Mountfield 1538H Lawn Tractor Specification

Starting Method Electric Key
Engine Brand Mountfield
Engine Type Series 7750 OHV
Engine Capacity 452cc
Net Power Output 7.9kW @ 2600rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.0 Litre
Transmission Hydrostatic
Drive Rear Wheel
Turning Circle 140cm
Wheels Front 15″ Rear 18″
Max Speed 8.8km/hr
Blade Engagement Electronic Switch
Cutting Width 98cm /38″
Cutting Heights 25-80mm (7 Positions)
Collector 240 litres
Collector Full Buzzer Yes
Head Lights Yes
Parking Brake Yes
Included Accessories N/A
Battery Charger Yes
dB Rating 100
Weight 161kg
Lawn Size 2 to 2.5 acres
Dimensions Length 234cm Width 102cm
Warranty 5 Years (Terms & Conditions Apply) (Battery 1 year)

Lawn Tractors – Best Practice

1. Always use a fuel additive

Fuel properties, which make up what we know as petrol, can begin to deteriorate in as little as 30 days after the refining process. The use of a fuel stabiliser is imperative to a fuel system that does not get used on a daily basis. Issues that are presented because of fuel degradation, are issue that are not covered under the warranty guidelines for the engine.

Step 1: Add fuel treatment according to instructions
Step 2: Run engine for 2 minutes to circulate stabiliser through the fuel system
Step 3: Store lawn mower or equipment in clean, dry place for up to 24 months

2. The battery must be trickle charged for 48 – 72 hours at the start of EVERY season and ideally every 3 months. A battery has a 12 month warranty.

3. When you feel that your lawnmower has performed for a minimum of fifty hours it is a good idea to drain and replace the engine oil. Always remember to check your manual and refer to the specific oil recommendations.