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Ronseal Quick Drying Drive Seal 5L



Ronseal Quick Drying Drive Seal 5L – Quick Drying Drive Seal revives old tarmac fast. It protects drives from oil stains and is ready for vehicle traffic after just 4 hours.
Quick Dry Drive Seal 5Ltr_330px.png

Drive over in 4 hours

Resists oil and fuel stains

Slip Resistant


Give the tarmac a scrub with a stiff bristle brush to remove any dust, dirt or moss. Use Thompson’s Oil & Drive Cleaner to give the tarmac a good clean. For any exisiting oil or grease stains, use this neat.

Fill any holes with fresh concrete or cold cure tarmac, if needed.

Make sure any cleaners are rinsed off the tarmac and its dry before you start to apply Quick Drying Drive Seal.


On cold & damp days, drying and re-coat times will take longer.

For best results, use on a dry day above 10C. Give the tin a really good stir before and during use.

Use a long pile roller and tray for this job. Pour the paint into the roller tray and fully load your roller. Keep on stirring the paint during use.

Paint from the furthest point so you can get back into your house & don’t paint yourself into a corner!

Wait 4 hours before putting on a second coat.


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