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Roundup Ultra Super Concentrate Weedkiller – 3000m² (1L)


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Roundup Ultra Super Concentrate Weedkiller – 3000m² (1L) – Roundup Ultra Weedkiller kills weeds right down to the roots killing them from the inside out, ensuring that they don’t come back. The mixture starts working within hours, and fully degrades in the soil to allow replanting and re-use of the soil.

The super concentrated liquid weedkiller will treat and area of 3000 m2 which is the equivalent of twelve tennis courts. Perfect for killing quick growing annual weed and tougher weeds such as Ground Elder and Bindweed.

10ml of Roundup Ultra 3000 Weedkiller will treat a 30 m2 area of annual weeds such as Chickweed, Speedwell and Annual Meadow Grass.


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