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Stihl ADVANCE X-FLEX Trousers, Design C / Class 1


Stihl ADVANCE X-FLEX Trousers, Design C / Class 1

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Stihl ADVANCE X-FLEX Trousers, Design C / Class 1 – Made from ultralight, extremely breathable AVERTIC pro lite cut-protection material. Developed exclusively for STIHL. Peat and high visibility orange colour, special crotch construction for freedom of movement, extraordinarily hardwearing outer fabric, elastic and breathable, elasticated and waterproof knee protection, thorn and water resistance in the lower leg area, dirt resistant, long ventilation zippers on the back of the legs.

Standard features

  • Optimum body temperatureZoom
    Optimum body temperature

    The cut protection material has an improved air permeability rate of approx. 75% and thermal insulation has been reduced by approx. 21% compared to previous materials.

  • Breathable moisture protectionZoom
    Breathable moisture protection

    Waterproof and breathable fabric all at once. (similar to illustration)

  • Improved cut protectionZoom
    Improved cut protection

    STIHL protective chain saw trousers protect against cuts to the legs based on an intelligent principle: when the chain cuts through the first of several layers of fabric, bundles of long high-strength special fibre are pulled out and block the sprocket, bringing the chain to a standstill. This considerably reduces the risk of injury.

  • Innovative fabricZoom
    Innovative fabric

    The high-tech cut resistant inlay with Dyneema® yarn is available only with STIHL 6 layer cut resistant material and highly elastic outer material made of Schoeller® (97% polyamide, 3% elastane (lycra)). This ensures a close and comfortable fit.

  • Perfect fitZoom
    Perfect fit

    A body fitting cut and highly elastic stretch material allows for a 13% stretch in the outer material. With permanent elasticity, it will return to its original shape time after time.

  • Thorn protectionZoom
    Thorn protection

    Extremely robust material prevents injury from thorns.

  • Cut protection - Design CZoom
    Cut protection – Design C

    Cut protection areas according to EN 381 Design C. All-round protection for increased protection. The red marked areas show the range of cut protection inserts.