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Stihl Battery Chargers AL101, AL300, AL500




Stihl chargers –

AL 101 

Will charge AK10 in 95 mins, AK20 in 180 mins and AK30 in 205 mins

Also suitable for the AP battery range

AL 300 Quick Charger 

Will charge AK10 in 45 min, AK20 in 55 mins and AK30 in 60 mins

Will charge AP100 in 45 mins, AP200 in 55 mins and AP300 in 60mins

AL 500 Rapid charger

Will charge AP100 in 45 mins, AP200 in 45 mins, AP300 in 35 mins, AP300 S in 45 mins


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AL101 Charger, AL 300 Quick Charger, AL 500 Rapid Charger


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