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Stihl RE143 Plus Pressure Washer (140 bar)

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The Stihl RE143 Plus Pressure Washer – A powerful and compact pressure washer with integrated high-pressure, steel braided hose. Standard equipment includes rotary and fan jet nozzles. Also equipped with an aluminum telescopic handle, hinged front cover, practical transportation handle, pressure/flow control, central pressure gauge, detergent tank and hose reel.

Please note – if you want to run the Stihl RE143 with an extension lead then we recommend 2.5mm thick cable.

  • Brass pump head and ceramic coated pistons

    The brass pump head and the pistons with ceramic sleeves massively reduce wear and prolong the life of the equipment.

  • Rotating power cord holder

    Due to the rotating lower power cord hook the power cord can be removed from the device much more easily and faster without the tedious unwinding.

  • Aluminium telescopic handle

    The adjustable aluminium telescopic handle and practical aluminium transport handle make carrying and transporting the high pressure cleaner easy.

  • Pressure gauge and pressure / flow control

    For easy adjustment of the flow of water and the operating pressure to suit the cleaning job in hand.

  • Anti-twist and quick-release coupling

    The innovative quick-release coupling connects and disconnects the lance and high pressure hose pipe in a flash, without tools.

  • Bayonet coupling

    The compact nozzle system with extremely robust bayonet coupling makes changing nozzles faster and simpler than ever before.

  • Hinged detergent tank

    The hinged detergent tank on the back of the pressure washer saves space as it is integrated into the housing of the pressure cleaner. To fill up with detergent the tank can be folded out or completely removed e.g. when you wish to wash the device. The suction of external cleaning agents, for example from a canister placed next to the device, is possible as with previous models.

  • Metering system

    With the metering system, detergent can be added to the spray jet from an internal or external tank.

  • Rotary nozzle

    The rotor nozzle provides concentrated cleaning power with large area output. It has a powerful pencil jet in a rapidly rotating motion.

  • Fan-jet nozzle, variable pressure

    With the variable pressure fan jet nozzle, larger areas are cleaned quickly and effectively, with control over the pressure to suit different tasks.

  • Steel mesh reinforced high-pressure hose

    The high pressure hose is reinforced with steel mesh making it very robust and ideal for use in tough conditions.

    Stihl RE143 PLUS Technical data

    Maximum water throughput l/h 570
    Working pressure bar 128
    Operating pressure bar 10-140
    Maximum pressure bar 1) 150
    Power output kW 2.8
    Min. water throughput l/h 540
    Max. water supply temperature °C 60
    Power output kW 2.9
    Mains voltage V/Hz 230/1-/50
    Engine speed min-1 2.800
    Power cable length m 5
    Weight kg 2) 27.2
    Sound pressure level dB(A) 3) 76.9
    Sound power level dB(A) 3) 90
    High-pressure hose length m 12

All STIHL pressure washers come with a 3 year domestic warranty.

The Stihl RE143 PLUS Pressure Washer is available from Masseys in Swadlincote Derbyshire. Visit our South Derbyshire store to view our full range of Stihl Pressure Washers.