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  • Four Honing Angles 25°, 27.5°, 30° & 32.5° for increased honing and edge reshaping options
  • Removeable Centring Clip positions narrow blades and chisels centrally to maximise the sharpening stroke for increased efficiency
  • Non-slip nitrile rubber feet help keep the Fast Track securely in place on any surface
  • Ergonomic Carriage Caps For increased comfort over longer periods of sharpening
  • Laterally sharpened edges are more durable & less prone to fracturing
  • Consistent sharpening angle promotes tool life
  • Creates a perfect square edge with a flat ground finish
  • Magnetic Stone Holders keeps each stone securely in place for safe, easy operation


This product includes:
  • 1 x Base Carriage
  • 1 x Angled Preparation stone 220 grit
  • 1 x Angled Finishing stone 450 grit
  • 1 x Centring clip
  • 1 x No slip mat
  • 1 x Cleaning block


1st Angle 25 degree
2nd Angle 27.5 degree
Grit size 220 & 450
Stone colour Black & White
Tool width 3 mm to 65 mm
Stone size 76 mm x 24 mm x 4mm
3rd Angle 30 degree
4th Angle 32.5 degree


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