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Vitax Lawn Sand – 156 sq/m



Vitax Lawn Sand – Traditional treatment for moss in lawns

Vitax Lawn Sand helps control spring and summer moss. It can also be used as a tonic, giving lawns a rich green colour.

Treating up to 156 m2 of grass, it should only be used as a home garden lawn treatment.

Vitax Lawn Sand:

  • Apply April to September when the soil is moist
  • Contains ferrous sulphate
  • Keep away from children and pets

Similar to most lawn treatments, Vitax Lawn Sand should not be applied during drought or when rain is imminent.

If using solely as a tonic, it can be applied throughout the growing season and watered in. To control moss, use the recommended application rates and rake out dead moss approximately seven to 10 days after treatment.

Grass should be cut three days before and not cut again until at least four days after Vitax Lawn Sand has been used. Re-treatment may be required if moss returns.


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