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Weber Cedar Wood Planks (Pack of Two Planks)


Weber Cedar Wood Planks, add that smokey flavour your taste buds are begging for to your dinner or snack on the barbecue. Just soak your plank before cooking, place on the BBQ and smoke away. Add some extra taste to your favourite fish such as salmon or trout. Perhaps treat yourself to a smoked Brie or Camembert.

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If you are wanting to experiment with different flavours on the barbecue away from the Weber Cedar Wood planks, why not try Weber Wood Chips. Available in lighter fruity flavours such as Apple perfect for fish and fruit. For a stronger flavour use Hickory for your low and slow meaty dishes.

Soak your plank before use. This ensure sthe strongest flavours. Planks can be used between six and ten times, if soaked fully before use.


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