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Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker (Free Cover) – 3 Sizes (Out of stock)


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Inject exciting flavours into your cooking with this distinct Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. The smoker has been perfectly designed so that smoke can circulate and infuse food as it cooks to achieve the desired smokey barbecue flavour.

Available in 3 sizes – 57cm, 47cm and 37cm means that there is a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker for any size of group.

Behind the removable aluminium door are two triple-plated cooking grates an aluminium heat deflector near the base and a water pan used for creating steam which circulates during cooking to keep food moist and juicy.

The Smokey Mountain Cookers are fully porcelain-enamelled to ensure protection against fire, rust and the elements and are all made to last which is why Weber offer a 10-year warranty on them.

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Smokey Mountain Cooker Features

• Porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid, makes the grill weatherproof and easy
to clean
• Two triple-plated cooking grates
• Lid thermometer
• Water pan helps to regulate the temperature, ensuring moist and tender
food. Plus the water adds humidity allowing the smoke flavours to
penetrate deeper
• Silicone grommet for use with thermometer probes so you can check the
internal temperature without removing the lid so keeping the temperature
• Rust-proof aluminium vents with heat-resistant plastic handles provide
proper airflow for perfect barbecuing
• Glass-reinforced nylon handle
• Heat deflector on the inside of the barbecue means the base will not
scorch your lawn or decking area
• Free cover included


Warranty Info

10 Year Limited Warranty

Bowl and lid – 10 years
Handle – 5 years
Charcoal grate and cooking grate – 2 years
All other parts (legs, base, triangle, ash catcher, wheels and vents) – 2 years


Weber Smokey Mountain 37cm – 

Cooking grate – 37 cm

Product closed lid:
HxWxD 79,8 x 37,3 x 37,3 cm
Product Weight: 9,53 kg
Box: 60,5 x 45,8 x 45,8 cm
Box Weight: 4,12 kg

Weber Smokey Mountain 47cm – 

Cooking grate – 47 cm

Product closed lid:
HxWxD 105,9 x 50 x 50 cm
Product Weight: 18,37 kg
Box: 79,5 x 54,1 x 54,1 cm
Box Weight: 5,31 kg

Weber Smokey Mountain 57cm – 

Cooking grate – 57 cm

Product closed lid:
HxWxD 123,2 x 58,4 x 61 cm
Product Weight: 26,99 kg
Box: 86,4 x 67,3 x 67,3 cm
Box Weight: 7,35 kg

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