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Like much of the garden machinery market, there are an abundance of different pressure washers out there to buy. These pressure washers are classified by price, power and quality. It can be very easy to buy a machine based on one of these factors, only to find it has distinctly compromised some of the other factors. A pressure washer with a high pressure output isn’t going to be much good if it is overheating and breaking down every twenty minutes. On the same hand paying for an expensive high quality machine, with lower pressure output may mean that you are struggling to get the dirt off you patio. You may also want to consider what accessories that come with the machine. If you are using it for cleaning the car, there isn’t much point paying extra for a pressure washer that comes with a patio cleaning head.

At Masseys we stock pressure washers from brands such as Bosch and Stihl, We also have the ability to special order petrol pressure washers from Draper, for those who require a machine from on site pressure washing jobs.


Bosch AQT Pressure Washers at Masseys, Swadlincote


The thing that most people consider the most important aspect of pressure washer purchasing is the pressure output of the machine. Rule of thumb, the higher the pressure the bigger the job it is intend for. A few examples of pressure, would be as follows;

  • Light Use (100 bar) – Garden Furniture, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Rubbish Bins
  • Medium Use (110 to 130 bar) – Car cleaning, Boats, Lawn Mowers, Fencing, Guttering
  • Heavy Use (130+ bar) – Decking, Brickwork, Patios, Concrete Driveways

There is no reason why you couldn’t use a 130+ bar machine for doing the car, but just be careful to try and vary the power if you can. The one thing you don’t want happening is for the pressure washer to remove the paintwork from your vehicle.

Petrol or Electric?

The majority of people will opt for an electric pressure washer, based on the demands of what they are cleaning. However, some customers, specifically those who may be using the machine out on a building site or professionally may need a petrol machine. Petrol obviously comes at a price, but the lifespan and work rate of a petrol machine is usually considered much higher. Don’t however feel pressured into the petrol route. Electric pressure washers are more than suitable for the majority of home and leisure tasks. It might also be an inconvenience to head towards petrol, when it isn’t suitable for your needs.

For example, the Draper 6.5bhp Pressure Washer, will give you a maximum working pressure of 186 bar. This is in excess of 130 bar so it is perfect for the cleaning of patios and brickwork. However if you are just cleaning your patio once or twice a year, the Bosch AQT 40-13 offers 130 bar of pressure. The Bosch will do the job, but you are only paying half the price because it is a machine designed for use around the house, not out on a building site. The majority of users will want to plug the machine in, and start their cleaning. They don’t want to be messing around with petrol and oil, getting everything running.


People obviously purchase their pressure washer for different jobs, it could be cleaning the car, cleaning the bins or cleaning the patio. These jobs can be made easier with the use of certain pressure washer accessories. Some of the pressure washers, such as the Bosch AQT 40-13 include accessories such as right-angle nozzle and patio brush. The range of Bosch Pressure Washers has an array of accessories that can be purchased desperately for those who need them. Bosch also manufacture an adaptor, to allow you to use Karcher accessories on Bosch pressure washers. Just in case you have any sitting in the garage.

New Kid on the Block

Throwing a potential spanner in the works, is the new Bosch Fontus. Whilst not officially what would be defined as a pressure washer. The Bosch Fontus does offer the ability to clean on the go, with no need for a power or water source. Making use of a 15 litre tank and 18v battery, the Fontus is like a portable hose pipe. Ideal for washing down mountain bikes after an all terrain session or even hosing down the dogs after a hike (just make sure it isn’t too cold). Whilst the Fontus might not have the pressure of a normal mains powered machine, the portability is a big tick in the positives column.

Bosch Fontus at Masseys

Pick of the Bunch

So what do the experts say? One machine that is very highly regarded, is the Bosch Universal Aquatak 135. Coming out on top of one of the Independent newspaper reviews, the review saying “This has noticeably more force than the entry-level machines reviewed here, meaning it can cope with bigger cars and outside areas, and yet Bosch has managed to keep it light and compact.” The Independent was also a big fan of the Stihl RE88 which is Stihl’s entry level machine. They were impressed with “anti-twist mechanism to prevent the common problem of hose twisting.” Technology magazine T3 rated the Stihl RE98 as their 4th best pressure washer, with the “Stihl reliability” being one of the stand out factors.

If you are still unsure what decision to make, then come in store. At Masseys we are open 7 days a week, and our staff are always more than happy to help. Sometimes you just need to have a look and feel at what you are buying. We have the range of Stihl pressure washers on display. We pride ourselves on being able exceptional customer service. Our staff are highly knowledgeable. Making sure that you get the advice you need to make the correct purchase, is one of our core values.