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There is nothing worse at the start of the Spring/Summer season, than taking the cover off your garden furniture set, only to come to the realisation that yet again the wood needs treating. So off to get sandpaper and oils. Desperately trying to get the wood back to its original colour. It’s a tiresome task and will also ultimately mean you lose about four days of good weather waiting for everything to dry. Wooden furniture sets look great, but perhaps it is time to opt for something a little more hassle free.

Aluminium is very quickly becoming the most popular route, on the hunt for garden furniture. There are other choices for garden furniture such as cast iron or rattan, but these can be confusing when you consider the different qualities available. Buy the wrong rattan and you could be buying a new furniture set quicker than you expected. Buy the wrong cast iron, and you could end up paying over the odds. Aluminium is the choice that many are making.

There are a number of benefits for choosing aluminium garden furniture;

Minimal Maintenance

As previously mentioned, looking after wooden garden furniture can be a tedious task. This is not the case with aluminium garden furniture. Your usually spring routine will revolve around taking off the weatherproof cover if you have one, washing off the cobwebs and getting the cushions out of the shed or garage. Any major spots of dirt might require a spot of detergent and elbow grease, but nothing to strenuous. You should be out sitting on the furniture set before the suns gone down.

Extremely Lightweight

Aluminium garden furniture tends to be very lightweight, and thus easy to rearrange and move around. This means that often, you can change the layout of your garden furniture to suit the occasion. Or if inspiration strikes, you know it won’t take a moving party to get the furniture to another part of the garden. You can also very easily store aluminium garden furniture in the shed or garage.

Will Not Rust or Deteriorate

Some garden furniture sets are made from cast iron or even powder coated steel, which over time begins to rust. The rust alongside looking unsightly, will start to weaken the structure of your furniture. This will not be the case for aluminium, making it a very suitable material. Britain is know for it’s wet weather, making aluminium the perfect choice for your garden.

Excellent Value

Our aluminium furniture sets start from £599, which is incredible value for money considering the lifespan you would expect from an aluminium furniture set.

In Store Garden Furniture Display at Masseys DIY

At Masseys we currently have three ranges of aluminium garden furniture. The Turini dining range is available in both 4 and 6 seater sets, or if you want something a little more casual and contemporary the Roma range features both a lounge set and a 6 seater dining set. The Milana 6 seat dining set on the other hand offers a more traditional looking dining experience. Our complete range of Garden Furniture, is available to view in our South Derbyshire store. We also have a range of traditional rattan garden furniture, alongside our popular gazebo and pergolas.